Disma was initially founded in 2005 by Bill Venner

The intent was to create a heavy, doom-laden death metal band with dark overtones.

In 2007, Bill contacted his old friend, Daryl Kahan to join as a second guitarist.

During this early period the duo began (de)composing their first compositions and arrangements which laid the groundwork for what was to come.

Drummer, Shawn Eldridge joined along with bassist, Randi Stokes in 2008.

Vocalist, Craig Pillard joined Disma later that year, completing the line-up.

Over the following years DISMA has released one demo, three 7” Ep’s and a full length album, with a second full length album in the works. 

In 2020 the year brought many changes to the band. Now we are refocused and ready to destroy this world!

In 2022 we welcome our new drummer Chris ” Warhead” Demydenko on drums. New music is in the works and we are ready to unleash our vision of dark and doomy death metal